The Vox Project is about celebrating life.  Our God is a brilliant Creator.  Observing the wonder of life leads to awe and respect for God and His creation.  We want to showcase the staggering beauty of human life, bringing it to light through artistic presentation. 

Vox is latin for "voice."  The Vox Project exists because we believe every voice matters.   Every human being is made in God’s image possessing inherent dignity and value.  An assault on human life has greater implications than injustice for the weakest and smallest among us.  An assault on human life is an affront to the glory of God in His creation.  If God knits us together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139), abortion is a complete undoing of this work of God, tearing apart what God has knit together.  

All of our resources will be shaped by our desire to emphasize the goodness of life.  We want to influence change through inspiration rather than guilt, shame, and condemnation. 


The Vox Project is committed to speaking the truth in a way that expresses compassion and hope. Our God demonstrated His ultimate commitment to justice and compassion through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Vox exists to bring the good news to all we reach.  

A balanced perspective on the issue of life and abortion necessitates a caring and compassionate heart for the mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy, as much as the unborn.  Vox is committed to a compassionate approach to all our projects, acknowledging the difficultly, hurt, and complex challenges that many women considering the decision of life or abortion face.  


The Vox Project values prayer as essential to our mission. We believe God hears us, and responds when his people seek him in prayer.


The Vox project values brave, compassionate, grace-saturated, gospel-centered communicators of God’s unchanging, life-altering truth. 


The Vox Project values the people of God as primary agents of redemption in their churches and communities.  We want to support pastors and leaders in mobilizing people to become champions for life within their unique spheres of influence and opportunity.